Passionate about Pilates and a fantastic teacher, Becky really takes the time to get to know you as an individual and understand your specific needs. Her sessions are highly tailored with a strong focus on alignment, as well as strengthening and lengthening the muscle groups. I really enjoy my classes with her, she is both challenging (in the best possible way) and supportive. I’m very pleased with the results. A class with Becky is a great compliment to any exercise regime, I highly recommend it!
— Emma Hamilton-Shaw
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My first lesson with Becky was an eye-opener in to the world of Pilates. I got a much better understanding of the benefits and how it’s really going to help my overall well-being.Really impressed how she took an absolute novice through a range of movements and techniques that concentrate on my goals for Golf. Ive got homework too! Great 1st session and can’t wait to do the next one.
— B Devlia
From my very first session knew I would become hooked on Pilates. The sessions have been tailored for my needs and develop steadily with each class. Becky’s passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the method is inspirational to me and serves as further motivation for me to embrace Pilates not just as exercise but as a lifestyle; I’m thoroughly enjoying myself as I develop my strength and flexibility towards a happier, healthier me.
— Xeni
After practising Pilates for the last couple of years, it was an absolute joy to experience a class with Becky and see how much more there is for me to discover and enjoy. And with my upcoming wedding, I will most definitely be looking to Becky to help me get into the best shape I can be, both physically and mentally. Her focus and passion around the art of Pilates is something that I hope to grow and learn from.
— Laura Moses
As someone who practices Pilates quite frequently, I love that Becky continues to challenge me, constantly creating new classes and progressions of the core moves. She really considers the flow of the session to ensure I’m getting not only a great work out but also able to breathe, stretch and really consider each movement. She has a beautiful and eloquent teaching style - I really enjoy my time at her classes. Becky’s passion for Pilates is evident and I cannot recommend her highly enough - I even follow her on Instagram for my daily dose of mindfulness!
— Amanda Wenban
I have been to Becky Pilates classes for a couple of years now. Becky is a fantastic teacher. I love how her classes are challenging yet fun. She provides exactly the right balance of support and encouragement. I have really seen the results on my body strength and fitness over time. I highly recommend Becky and her approach to Pilates. She is so lovely and exercises have never felt so enjoyable and relaxing! Thanks Becky!
— Virginie Astier
Beckys classes are the highlight of my week. The classes allow me to achieve the results I want physically whilst providing the mental escape and relaxation that I need. I thoroughly enjoy being taught by Becky, she takes time to ensure the correct posture is achieved which leads to greater results! I would highly recommend her classes.
— Kelly Vines