Becky Uden

Welcome to the Uden Pilates Hub

Becky Uden
Welcome to the Uden Pilates Hub

Challenge, celebrate and nourish your body and mind

Whatever your experience, Uden Pilates will take you to the next level in your fitness and wellbeing journey. 

Get ready to transform physically and mentally through the life enhancing power of Pilates.

It’s a great complement to any lifestyle, whether you’re a high intensity gym addict, yoga aficionado, starting a new exercise regime or recovering from an injury. 

Take a positive step today!

Becky’s vision

Do what you love

I believe you should do what you love, and for me that’s weaving the practise of Pilates through my own and other’s lives. By sharing my true passion, I really enjoy helping people experience the transformational power of Pilates, enhancing their life by a better understanding of their body and mind through movement.


The Pilates Philosophy

If you want to feel a sense of strength and harmony after your work out, Pilates is for you.

By practicing Pilates you are learning to connect the body and mind through the breath. The essence of the method is to strengthen, elongate and tone, building core strength and alignment as you go. Flowing through the movements with connected breath, you engage your whole body, efficiently working and balancing every muscle group and improving posture. 

The Pilates method was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in 1912 to improve co-ordination, posture, balance, strength and flexibility, whilst increasing breathing capacity and organ function. The method continues to evolve today to be ever more holistic. Physically it can transform the body, keeping you strong, lean and healthy. Mentally, it can increase our patience and focus, helping us to tackle our often-frenetic lives.